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Your June Eco Editorial 🌊

Your June Eco Editorial 🌊

Our Top 7 Sustainable Picks to Celebrate World Oceans Day

We only partner with brands we can get behind. In other words, you can rest assured that all of the pieces handpicked below will fit your shopping cart’s high standards. Because we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

In honour of World Oceans Day on June 8th, we’ve curated a list of our favourite ocean-inspired products, as a sign of gratitude to our shared ocean and our personal connection to the sea.


1. Mala the Brand

Why You’ll Love Them | All Natural Ingredients, One Tree Planted for Every Candle Sold

Our Pick
 | Succulent - Citrus + Coconut + Sandalwood

About the Brand
 | Mala The Brand produces small-batch candles made from all-natural ingredients like natural soy wax, essential oils, and wood wicks.  Each hand-poured candle is inspired by everyday surroundings and intended to evoke a sense of warmth and inspiration all wrapped up in a modern, minimalist design.


2. Routine Cream Deodorant

Why You’ll Love Them | Wholesome Ingredients, Body Inclusivity

Our Pick | Bonnie N Clyde

About the Brand | The majority of deodorants available today are chock full of nasty ingredients like aluminum, parabens, and other potentially harmful additives. Routine deodorant contains no harsh chemicals or toxic ingredients, and comes in 5 formulas and 13 scents to accommodate any lifestyle.


3. Frank Green

Why You’ll Love Them | Eliminating Single-Use Plastics, Recyclable Products

Our Pick | Ceramic Reusable Bottle in Sailor Blue

About the Brand | Everyone knows that single-use water bottles and coffee cups are bad for the environment, but Frank Green is actually doing something about it. The Frank Green philosophy is all about creating environmental alternatives to wasteful products without compromising style or comfort, which has led them to become one of Australia’s most loved reusable bottle brands.


4. Wolf Circus

Why You’ll Love Them | Woman Owned and Operated, Recycled Materials

Our Pick | Marcel Necklace

About the Brand | Wolf Circus is all about attainable luxury, which is why they use recycled precious metals to craft their beautiful pieces of jewelry. Handcrafted to ensure the highest quality, each piece is equally delicate and striking, making Wolf Circus jewelry both super wearable and super fashionable.


5. Herbivore

Why You’ll Love Them | Not Tested On Animals, Therapeutic Ingredients

Our Pick | Blue Tansy Mask

About the Brand | Created in a humble home kitchen in 2011, Herbivore has grown into a rare jewel of the skincare industry, offering products that are completely free from toxic ingredients and unnecessary filler. Each and every ingredient used in Herbivore’s products is added with a purpose, intended to actively contribute to the health of your skin.


6. Loomy

Why You’ll Love Them | Supports Indigenous Artisan Weavers, Plastic Free

Our Pick | Up & Down Jute

About the Brand | Upon discovering the wasteful truth about rugs, Loomy founder Sarah Weaver knew there had to be a better way to manufacture, sell, and dispose of these staple home accessories. Rather than depending on wasteful practices and petroleum-based plastic materials, Loomy manufactures all their rugs using eco-friendly man-made materials, natural materials, and recycled materials.


7. Pela

Why You’ll Love Us | 100% Compostable, Cute Patterns

Our Pick | Balance + Flow Case

About the Brand | Pela is the creator of the world’s first fully compostable plastic phone case. While traditional plastic phone cases may not begin to degrade for centuries - instead leaching toxic chemicals into the surrounding environment - Pela phone cases can completely decompose, becoming nutrient-rich compost in just a few short months. This month, we’re honoring World Oceans Day with a new sea turtle pattern.


And while we have our BOGO going, you can get both cases for the price of one! Happy June friends. :)