The first compostable and sustainably made Samsung Galaxy S10 case is here, and it’s pretty dang amazing. How does it all work? It’s actually simple — Pela makes every phone case from sustainable compostable materials that you can dispose of in a standard compost. It’s the Galaxy S10 case that gives you no trash in the waterways, no plastic in the landfills for a thousand years and no chemicals leaching into the ground. 

Naturally, a Samsung S10 case that’s worth your money also has to give you the fundamental features that keep your phone safe. We build rugged cases so that people can reduce electronic waste by keeping a phone in great shape for a longer time. Pela’s Galaxy S10 cases give your Galaxy S10 robust drop protection, as well as a soft texture that feels great in your hand and helps you keep a firm grip. 

Our innovative Samsung Galaxy S10 case designs are rooted in our belief that our planet can live better when consumers buy better. Pela has a whole rainbow of sustainable phone case designs available now — so come explore the green life with us. Browse our collection of styles and see our most popular Samsung S10 case designs and colors, including hand-made premium phone cases with beautiful engravings inspired by our world. 

NOTE: This case does not fit Samsung Galaxy S10 5G models.