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"In my opinion, attaching art to sustainability can make it a more approachable practice" - Janine, yeunglove.

Welcome to Pela's Artist Series!

In our artist series we celebrate creativity and diversity, engaging our community in meaningful conversations through art. By featuring artists from different backgrounds and styles, we aim to inspire, provoke thought, and foster a sense of unity and purpose in our community.

Janine, yeunglove

Hey friends, this is Janine from yeunglove! I am a Chinese-Canadian creative currently based in Toronto. Yeunglove grew out of my love for making people feel seen, and combining that with my love for creating. I dream of a creative, fulfilling life of colour and cuteness.

"I like that there is often a playful (sometimes sassy) demeanor to my work because my goal is to have fun while creating it. It's really about having fun and creating a safe, cute space." - Janine, yeunglove

Learn more about Janine from yeunglove in our blog!

Behind the Scenes of the Collection