Compostable iPhone X Cases

You love your iPhone X, so why risk breaking it? Grab one of our cutting-edge iPhone X cases to protect it from the inevitable damage of daily life. Pela has a huge selection of cases that tick all your boxes when shopping for an iPhone X case. Sustainable Flaxstic material ensures that your phone is durable, flexible and — the best part, we think — compostable. That means you can quite literally toss it in the backyard when you’re done with it (in the compost bin, of course). 

Discover an iPhone 10 case here that honors your lifestyle and sense of style. Hate the bulk? Check out our super-slim iPhone cases made with a thinner version of our compostable Flaxstic that’s just as flexible and protective as our other cases. Prefer hemp? We all know that this mighty green is one of the most sustainable crops around, so we’ve also made a series of cases crafted from hemp so you can take your compostable iPhone X case to the next level of sustainability. Our hemp phone cases are also compostable!

Find Your Perfect iPhone X Case

We want to help you turn your iPhone X into an accessory that honors your overall vibe and sense of style, so we’ve created a collection of artist-design cases that will speak to you. Explore solid-colored and patterned phone cases with unique designs. Whether you’re into the cosmos, the Earth or keeping it classic, there’s a Pela phone case here that’s all you.

We all know there’s nothing worse than a cracked screen, so make sure to pair your iPhone X case with an liquid screen protector to keep it pristine!