Discover the Perfect Samsung Galaxy S21 Case

Galaxy users, meet your new favorite phone case. Pela is happy to debut the world’s first compostable Samsung Galaxy S21 case, and it’s got everything you need in a new favorite accessory! Our S21 cases are designed to effortlessly protect your phone without limiting access to your favorite features, including the phone’s beautiful 6.2-inch screen, its cutting-edge camera as well as all ports, speakers, buttons and beyond.

If you’re in the market for an sustainable Galaxy S21 case that comes equipped with a range of amazing features, you’ll appreciate Pela’s high-quality options made of compostable materials. Our cases are crafted from our game-changing Flaxstic material, which is a blend of flax shive and plant-based biopolymer, making it durable, flexible and compostable. That means you could quite literally toss it in the backyard — into the compost pile, of course — when you’re done with it! No needless waste here.

Made-for-You Galaxy S21 Cases

Pela’s Galaxy phone cases are not only designed to be good for the planet, they’re also designed to be good for you. A broad assortment of colors, patterns and styles is available to help you express your personality and style. Browse stylish designs to show your love for nature, the cosmos or a specific color or grab a classic, simple design that’s subtly you. We’ve also got Galaxy S21 wallet cases here so you can take all your personal items with you wherever you go! Shop now to find the S21 case that feels tailor-made to you.