Our Story

Who Are We?

We are a team of nature-loving entrepreneurs, passionate about building businesses we can be proud to share with the world. We see every challenge as an opportunity to learn, grow and expand our perspectives.

What is our why?

Building an eco-friendly company is no easy task, but at Pela we've made our goals clear and simple:

  • Reduce the amount of plastic waste created by consumer products
  • Alleviate our dependancy on non-renewable fossil fuels and oil-based plastics 
  • Educate people about plant-based, sustainable alternatives that are both functional and beautiful
  • Build the kind of company our customers would be proud to rally behind

In the end, we're just human like everyone else and trying our best to preserve the planet for our children and beyond. We don't claim to be perfect in our efforts but we are always pushing ourselves to believe in better, to be better and to do better every single day. 

To us, that is when things begin to shift and where change is possible. Our Pela case is only the beginning.

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Pela Case The Eco Friendly iPhone Case On A Mission

Meet the Team

Jeremy Lang

Co-Founder, Saskatoon

The Fun Stuff: Loves being on the water. As a kid he would take things apart to see how they work. A good day is any day enjoying the great outdoors with Jerilyn, Cole & Lainey.

The Cool but Kind of Nerdy Stuff: B.Sc. in Agriculture, University of Saskatchewan, Professional Agrologist (we told you it was nerdy!) and an Environmental Consultant in Canada for the past 16 years. Jeremy is also the founder of Open Mind Developments, creator of sustainable plastic alternatives.

Matt Bertulli Co Founder Pela

Matt Bertulli

Co-Founder, Toronto

The Fun Stuff:  Hasn't met a bike trail he doesn't like—even if some have taken him down. Mastering the art of being a CEO, author and his most rewarding gig so far, raising Olive.

The Professional Business Stuff: CEO and Co-Founder of Demac Media, an eCommerce agency managing a portfolio of over 80 online stores for some of Canada's largest retailers. Matt believes eco-friendly and sustainable business is the best place we can invest our time and money.

Sunta Sem

Leading Growth, Toronto

The Fun Stuff: Fish out of water—trying to figure out how to grow gills and live permanently in the ocean. Lived in the Rocky Mountains fresh out of university and tends to daydream about writing a Broadway musical one day.

The Trying to Be an Adult and Stuff: Sunta previously built and ran two handmade jewelry businesses, learning everything day by day. She believes resourcefulness, curiosity, authenticity and empathy are the keys to growing a great business. And that kindness—to people, animals and the planet—are the keys to living a good life.

Have any questions for us? Please feel free to email us at anytime: info@pelacase.com