iPhone 12 Case

Stylish and Sustainable iPhone 12 Cases

If you’re lucky enough to score the cutting-edge iPhone 12, you want to do everything you can to make sure you protect it so it stays in the game for the long-run. First order of business: Pick your perfect iPhone 12 case. Pela has all the cases you need to make the most of your 12, all while protecting it from drops and showcasing your vibe. Choose from a ton of cool styles and features to find a case that feels made for you.


High-Quality Protection 

Our iPhone 12 cases were engineered specifically for the iPhone 12. That means they’re sized just right to suit its 6.1-inch all-screen OLED display and advanced dual-camera system, allowing you access to your phone’s best features while shielding its most vulnerable points from drops, dings and bumps. Plus, ours are crafted from a durable, compostable material so you can feel good about helping the planet.


At Pela, it’s our goal to pair you with an iPhone 12 phone case that feels tailor-made to you, so we offer a wide variety of options and styles to suit your needs. Grab one of our stylish iPhone 12 wallet cases to store all your essentials in one place wherever you go. These cases safely protect your iPhone 12 while providing a spot for two credit cards or some spare cash. Explore our complete selection of cases to find an iPhone 12 case that suits your personality and sense of style.