iPhone 14 Plus Case

Find The Perfect iPhone 14 Plus Case

We can all agree that plastic isn't so fantastic. Ditch that old plastic iPhone case, and snag a stylish compostable case for your iPhone 14 Plus. Pela's collection of iPhone cases is filled with high-quality options to help protect your phone and the environment. With beautiful designs ranging from simple to intricate, our collection is sure to have just the right case for your iPhone 14 Plus.

How Pela Is Reducing Non-Compostable Plastics

Over the years, plastic items have been tossed into the environment, including phone cases. Buying a compostable phone case cuts down on non-biodegradable waste. Pela is dedicated to creating a waste-free future in which single-use plastics are a thing of the past. That's why Pela uses Flaxstic, a mix of flax straw and bioplastic elastomer (a plant-based polymer). What's more, our cases are all designed to be free from harmful agents like cadmium, lead, phthalates, and BPA.

Plus, when you buy one of our phone cases, we make a donation to Ocean Cleanup and Preservation Initiatives to help reduce the plastic that ends up in our world's beautiful waterways.

Why Buy From Pela?

Buying an iPhone 14 Plus phone case from Pela means you can keep your phone safe while reducing the waste released into the environment. You can enjoy wireless charging without hassle. Plus, there are a lot of attractive and affordable cases to choose from. Whatever kind of case you need, we've got you covered.