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Samsung Galaxy A52 5G Case

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Cover Your Phone with a Samsung A52 5G Case from Pela Case

Kick the plastic habit and reduce your e-waste with the Samsung A52 5G case – the only truly compostable phone out there! Made completely from sustainable materials like Flaxstic®, a plant-based biopolymer and flax shrive blend, these A52 5G cases break down in the compost in sheer weeks, never a lifetime. Not only is this Samsung Galaxy A52 5G case compostable, but it’s designed to take on everyday wear and tear and all the accidental bumps and drops that go along with your favorite activities. In turn, that means your phone will see a long and happy life, minimizing electronic consumption that clogs the landfills and creates microplastics that invade our oceans. 

Show off your Galaxy A52 5G phone with a phone case design featuring a nature-inspired pattern or illustration. From honeycombs to pine trees and other unique designs carved into the back panel, you can elevate your phone’s look and make a statement. And with a soft and smooth texture that offers a grippable surface, your phone will never slip and fall. 

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