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Why This Mom Switched Phone Cases to Protect Her Family

Why This Mom Switched Phone Cases to Protect Her Family

This letter was sent in by Eboni, mother of two, from Australia.

Eboni from Byron Bay

Are you touching toxins everyday without even knowing it?

"I am a very conscientious person when it comes to the health of both humans and the earth but for some reason I had put my faith in the fact that my previous phone cases were safe.

I have purchased these iPhone covers for my last 2 phones and they have always been put on my phone in store by the sales person. Recently I took my cover back as it had broken and they are supposed to be unbreakable. I was given a replacement, no questions asked and this time given the box to take home. 

When I arrived home and opened the box (you can only see the statement post purchase) I read the fine print: California Proposition 65 Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Needless to say I was completely horrified, as I have used these cases for the last 4 years and took it back immediately to my local store who were also horrified (I am 33 weeks pregnant and have a 4 year old) and refunded me right away.

I contacted the company via email with my concerns who sent back a generic email from Customer Service stating how many products out there have such chemicals in them, namely BPA. I actually couldn't believe this was their response.

Anyway, long story short...after a long search online I found your product. 

I live in Byron Bay Australia which is extremely health conscious community and there is definitely a place in the market here for Pela Cases as the only eco cases here are bamboo cases which I have found not to work that well unfortunately. So thank you so much for your product!"

email from Eboni, August 2016. Posted with Permission.

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Did you know that the majority of traditional plastic phone cases out there contain harmful chemicals like BPA?

While studies about the effects of BPA are still inconclusive, the FDA does recommend the following precautions:

  • Look for infant formula that is BPA-free
  • Choose non-plastic containers for food
  • Find products that are BPA-free
  • Do not heat plastics that could contain BPA
  • Throw out any plastic products (like bottles or sippy cups) that are chipped or cracked
  • Use fewer canned foods and more fresh or frozen
  • Avoid plastics with a 3 or a 7 recycle code on the bottom
(via WebMD)

To find out if the case you currently use may contain BPA or other chemicals, we advise that you call or email your phone case brand for more information.

Making The Switch is Easy!

Pela has made a better, safer iPhone case out of plants.
Pela Case Pastel Eco Friendly Cases
Our Pela Case is made with a plant-based material mixed with Canadian flax straw fibres for added strength and a unique look.

We are on a mission to put a spotlight on family-safe, eco-friendly and sustainable plastic alternatives.

Because if we can make our products out of safer materials, shouldn't we?

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