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A person holding a sustainable gift

35 Best Eco-friendly and Sustainable Gifts in 2022

A person holding a sustainable gift

If you're brand new to the sustainable lifestyle, you may get caught off guard when a friend's birthday or a family holiday pops up on your calendar. Even though you care about giving your loved ones a thoughtful gift, you also care about decreasing the amount of pollution in the world.

The solution? Eco-friendly gifts! Whether it's sustainable kitchen decor or carbon neutral beauty products, this guide will help you find the best eco-friendly gifts for everyone on your list. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the best environmentally friendly gifts below! You may even discover that you have a special knack for giving the best zero waste gifts within your household.

Don't have time to read through all 35 eco friendly gift ideas? We've hand selected five of the best eco friendly gifts to please any gift recipient on your list. Check out our top picks below.

Our top eco-friendly gift recommendations for everyone on your list

Ready to brighten a loved one's day? Wrap up one of these eco friendly gifts with a sheet of recycled brown paper and a splash of fresh flowers. You'll rekindle a smile on their face in zero seconds flat.

Best eco-friendly gift for her: Pela Case

Best sustainable gift for him: Vine smart watch band

Most eco-friendly gift for kids: 2-in-1 Toddler bike

Best eco-friendly baby gift: Aspen and maple activity gym

Best eco-friendly wedding gift: Lomi smart composter


Lomi by Pela



Lomi allows you to turn food waste into plant-ready nutrients in under 24 hours. Boost your plants while reducing your waste.


Sustainable gifts for her: 15 gifts to improve her life and the planet

Would you like to extend gratitude to the incredible females in your life? Whether it’s an eco friendly appliance she can use everyday or an ethically made gold necklace she can wear for special occasions, our sustainable gift guide has the perfect gift for any woman. 

1. Pela Case

A woman holding three pela cases

If you need a great gift idea for the wonder woman in your life, an eco-friendly phone case will truly help her save the world. Pela Case's zero waste mobile covers are built using all natural, sustainable materials that are free of plastic and completely compostable.

Not only do these environmentally friendly phone cases save our planet from ocean bound plastic, their protective materials will also save her phone from shattering after a hard fall.

Price: $59.95

Why she’ll love it: You're guaranteed to find a unique phone case to match her personal aethetic since Pela's plant based cases are designed by a large collection of talented artists.


Pela Case

Pela Case


48,000+ 5 star reviews | The internet's most loved case

Protect your phone and the planet with the world's first compostable phone case. Pela Cases offer a serious drop protection without compromising on style. Over 857,205 people have switched to Pela. What are you waiting for?


2. Zero waste starter kit

A collection of zero waste gifts arranged on wood
Photo credit: ZeroWasteMVMT

If you have a close friend who is looking for more ways to reduce her waste created by single use plastics, a zero waste starter kit is a great gift to help get her started. This bundle includes some of the best zero waste products for every daily life. Beeswax wraps, bamboo cutlery and reusable makeup remover pads are just a few of the goodies she'll unwrap in this eco friendly starter kit.

Price: $90.35

Why she’ll love it: ZeroWasteMVMT cares about reducing their carbon footprint, which is why they have pledged to plant one tree for every starter kit sold.

3. Lomi Composter

A woman and two children in the kitchen using a Lomi

Ever since Lomi arrived on the scene to join all the other zero waste kitchen products in our homes, we've never been more excited about gift giving. Lomi is smaller than your microwave but powerful enough to break down all your food waste into odorless dirt that nourishes your plants.

Unlike traditional composting methods that require food waste to break down for dozens of weeks in your own backyard, this electric kitchen composter turns food waste into natural fertilizer in less than four hours. It's one of the best eco friendly gifts to give any woman who enjoys cooking with fresh produce.

Price: $499

Why she’ll love it: There's plenty of reasons to love Lomi. Speaking of love, it’s one of the best eco friendly wedding gifts to give newly weds who care about reducing their carbon footprint. 

4. Socks that plant trees

Two pairs of black and green eco socks with trees on them

The best eco friendly gifts will delight your gift recipient while giving back to our beloved planet. That's why Socks that Plant Trees partnered with the non-profit, Trees for the Future, to help reforest communities throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

Price: $15.00

Why she’ll love it: Made from organic cotton and adorned with adorable tiny evergreens, a pair of these socks don't just plant one tree, they plant ten!



5. Make everyday earth day canvas tote bag

Woman by the ocean with earth day canvas tote bag
Photo credit: DownToTierra

Canvas totes are our favorite way to reduce waste when we're running errands and picking up groceries. This eco friendly tote bag carries a profound message about caring for the earth while it doubles as the perfect way to carry a fresh batch of market veggies.

Price: $20

Why she’ll love it: Because this cotton tote bag is so lightweight and compact, she can toss it in her purse and pull it out whenever she needs a little extra help carrying things.

6. Tiniest name recycled gold necklace

A close up of a woman wearing recycled gold necklaces that say ruby and josephine

If you need the perfect eco friendly anniversary gift, these beautiful necklaces are made from recycled gold chains and can be customized to display any 10-character name or word. Even though this carbon neutral necklace is petite as can be, it's sure to make any woman's heart swell.

Price: $298

Why she’ll love it: Catbird uses recycled gold and jewels to create their stunning environmentally friendly jewelry. The company boasts a minimum carbon footprint and donates 1% of all their sales to non-profits.

7. Organic 100% linen jumpsuit

Blonde woman wearing yellow organic linen jumpsuit

We’ll always love organic cotton but organic linen is having a moment. This bright and sunny jumpsuit is the perfect gift for any woman with a natural green thumb who enjoys spending hours in the garden. It's also the perfect eco friendly outfit for artists, florists and bakers.

Price: $91.96

Why she’ll love it: Because these dungarees are made with organic natural materials, they're lightweight and breathable for all those hot hot summer days spent in the veggie patch.

8. Zero waste + biodegradable vegan bar soap

Five multi colored bars of vegan hand and body soap
Photo credit: SmileBoutiques

The best eco friendly gifts don't have to break the bank to make a positive impact on our planet. Vegan bar soaps are affordable and made with all natural ingredients mixed with delicate essential oils. Pair two of these soap bars with a bottle of sustainable wine and an organic cotton bathrobe for the perfect mother's day present.

Price: $6.58

Why she’ll love it: Many body products are made with toxic chemicals in their production process, which can really irritate the skin. Because these vegan soaps are completely biodegradable, they're gentle on her skin and perfect for any Christmas stocking.



9. Cypress RIB high-rise legging

Dark haired woman wearing earthy green cotton leggings

Girlfriend collective is working to stop the spread of ocean bound plastic waste by collecting recycled bottles and transforming them into high-performing, everyday activewear.

Price: $88

Why she’ll love it: Wondering what recycled plastic feels like? Well, a lot like yoga pants. These leggings will wick away her sweat, endure through squat sets, and compress her muscles for optimal recovery after HIIT workouts.

10. The farmstead lettuce growing tower

Woman watering her non-gmo lettuce tower

The Farmstand lettuce tower may just be one of the best eco friendly gifts we've encountered. If you happen to live with the lucky lady who receives this green tower, you'll also benefit from the supply of nutrient rich greens this farmstead produces.

Price: $399-$699

Why she’ll love it: Lettuce Grow's Farmstand tower uses 95% less water than traditional gardens and they offer a selection of seasonal GMO-free seed bundles.

11. Paperless unpaper towels

A stack of brightly colored cotton paper towels
Photo credit: KitchenTreat

Waste free gift giving just got easier with these colorful cotton towels. This eco friendly option replaces conventional paper towels, which are estimated to be a 6 billion dollar market within the U.S. alone.

Price: $15.99

Why she’ll love it: She can mix and match colors to ensure that her reusable paper towels compliment her current sustainable home decor.

12. Women's downdrift jacket

Woman with freckles wearing fair trade recycled down feather jacket

Winter doesn't stand a chance against this weather-resistant down feather coat. Patagonia's signature NetPlus® fabric is combined with the power of 600-fill reclaimed and recycled down feathers. Plus, she'll love that it's fair trade certified™ sewn.

Price: $148.99

Why she’ll love it: This pretty jacket's recycled insulation is complimented by its high collar design and spacious hood. Perfect for skating through icy winters.

13. Summer day hammock chair

A cotton hammock swing outdoors by a tree

Does your wife or partner enjoy curling up with a good book? Give her this summer hammock chair and watch how it transforms a dull corner into a tranquil nook for rest and relaxation. Pairs well with a modest collection of indoor houseplants.

Price: $125

Why she’ll love it: Her ecological footprint will feel a thousand times lighter as she lounges in the supportive comfort of this natural cotton hammock.

14. Living composter

Hand scooping dirt into eco friendly living composter

This composter is actually a biomorphic worm house that's designed to be odorless and perfectly shaped for worms to do their best work. The composter itself is made from recycled materials and eco friendly cork.

Price: $199

Why she’ll love it: She'll love the unique design of this composter and that it's made up of recycled materials. Note: Worms aren't included! These little eco friendly gifts will need to be bought separately.

15. 5-Piece recycled cast-iron cookware set


Three dijon yellow cast iron pots

There's just something about matching cookware that automatically makes you feel like a professional chef. Lavish your favorite female cook with this stunning 5-piece set of recycled cast iron cookware.

Price: $289

Why she’ll love it: This set is made with 40% recycled cast iron and stainless steel knobs. We're smitten with those bright yellow dutch ovens but you can select from a range of colors to match her kitchen decor.



Sustainable gifts for him: 10 cool gifts he’ll love

Although guys can be notoriously hard to shop for, the weight of gift giving will feel 1,000 times lighter with these eco friendly present ideas. And, while you're searching through eco friendly gifts for that special man in your life, we won't blame you if a few of these earth friendly products happen to land in your basket as well. ;)

16. Recycled skateboard sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses made from recycled materials

These one-of-a-kind recycled sunnies are here to remind us that you really can mix business with pleasure. With polarized nylon lenses and 100% UVA/UVB protection, your favorite guy can cruise through the afternoon without glaring sun rays blocking his view.

Price: $100

Why he’ll love it: Because these sunglasses are made with repurposed skateboards collected by Woodzee, no two pairs are the same once the manufacturing process is complete. Fast fashion won't be able to keep up with your guy.

17. Vine smart watch band

Black compostable watch band for Apple watch

You're looking at the world's first compostable watch band. Which is why we think it's the perfect gift to give your partner on your first anniversary, your first holiday season together, or after your first big fight. (Nothing says I'm sorry quite like cruelty-free presents!)

Price: $49.95

Why he’ll love it: The band is made with flexible plant-based Flaxtic. Flaxtic is 100% compostable and will feel buttery smooth against his skin.

18. David vegan leather briefcase

Brown vegan leather briefcase

Our list of eco friendly gifts for men wouldn't be complete without mentioning the David vegan vintage-style briefcase. In addition to being cruelty free, this professional carrying case is crafted with a liner that's made from recycled plastic water bottles.

Price: $230

Why he’ll love it: Matt & Nat designed this case to include a vegan leather shoulder strap, carrying handles and plenty of pockets for organizing his valuables.

19. Natede smart natural air purifier

Man writing on paper next to natede smart air purifier

If you know a guy who loves getting his hands on the latest tech, the Natede smart air purifier is a truly sophisticated piece of technology. Instead of relying on single-use HEPA filters, it harnesses the plant powered phytodepuration filtration process along with nano-materials to remove indoor air pollution.

Price: $419

Why he’ll love it: This air filter is designed to be used with an indoor plant, so it's a great gift for any guy who enjoys having a splash of green in his workspace.

20. Forest green recycled hammock

Dad smiling with family in recycled hammock

If it's time for dad to put his feet up, this recycled Nakie hammock is one of the best eco friendly gifts you can give to him for father's day or just because. With the mighty power of recycled bottles, Nakie designed a durable hammock that can be set up anywhere his hikes take him.

Price: $92

Why he’ll love it: The Nakie hammock only requires two trees to set up but the company will plant four trees for every order you place on their website.

21. Yeti 30oz rambler tumbler

Two cowboys pouring coffee into yeti rambler tumbler

Looking for the best eco friendly gifts for an avid coffee lover? Instead of accidentally picking out the wrong type of coffee beans on their behalf, encourage them on their journey towards waste reduction by giving them this sturdy reusable mug.

Price: $38

Why he’ll love it: It's dishwasher safe. Enough said.

22. Bamboo wood eco series ultra-lite paddle board

Eco friendly bamboo stand up paddleboard

SUP boards are sure to please any adventure loving guy. We love that VESL recreated the standard plastic paddleboard with sustainable bamboo in its place.

Price: 1,095.00

Why he’ll love it: This lightweight paddleboard is an all rounder so he can use it for plenty of different water sports and activities.

23. The squishy chair

Man laying on his tummy in the squishy chair

If your guy deserves to sink into a cloud of post-consumer recycled polyester and repurposed foam, Floyd Home designed the perfect lounge companion for him. It’s an excellent seat for reading or binging on his favorite Netflix series.

Price: $556

Why he’ll love it: The recycled polyester used in the Squishy adds structure and support to the overall bean bag chair design.

24. Fizzi sparkling water maker

Soda stream Fizzi with reusable water bottles

Ditch the cans and buy that special guy in your life a Fizzi. At the push of a button, he'll have fresh carbonated water that can be sipped on with a wedge of lime or a splash of botanical gin.

Price: $89.99

Why he’ll love it: Fizzi comes with a 1 liter, BPA-free carbonating bottle that can be used over and over again.

25. The naturalist hand blown whiskey glasses

Two handmade soda lime glass whiskey glasses
Photo credit: JFR Glass

Maybe your guy prefers still over sparkling beverages. No problem! If that's the case, these sleek hand blown whiskey glasses are made with 100% soda lime glass and arrive in recyclable packaging materials.

Price: $45

Why he’ll love it: Each glass is hand blown and marked with the artists' unique stamp.

10 sustainable gifts for kids and babies

If a friend or family member requested that you buy only eco friendly gifts for their baby, we have you covered. Look through the list below to discover the perfect present to bring to the next 1-year-old birthday party you're invited to.

26. Sustainable wooden 2-in-1 toddler bike

Wooden 2-in-1 bike for toddlers

Get your favorite 2-year-old up to speed with this eco friendly toddler bike. Made from sustainably harvested birch trees, this two wheeler is light as can be and ready to explore the world with your young child.

Price: $219.99

Why they’ll love it: This push bike is designed for 18 months to 5 year old kids because it teaches young children how to balance while in motion.

27. Aspen and maple activity gym - elephant

Wooden infant play gym with hanging elephant toy

The best thing about eco friendly gifts for babies is their naturally non-toxic design. So, if you're looking for a lead-safe, formaldehyde and BPA free toy for infants, The Tot makes an adorable activity gym for your little roly-poly.

Price: $75

Why they’ll love it: The aspen and maple used for this baby gift is forest stewardship council certified. Plus, did we mention it only takes less than 5 minutes to assemble?

28. Beginner drum set

Tiny drum set for kids

If your toddler has officially discovered the pots and pans and now insists on hammering away on them with a wooden spoon, it may be time to give them their own custom drum set. This non-toxic music maker is made with natural rubber wood and is coated with a VOC water based paint.

Price: $60

Why they’ll love it: Once your child discovers how portable this drum set is, they'll enjoy hours of fun marching around with this toy in hand.

29. Personalized wooden music table

Tiny colorful music table for kids birthday
Image credit: RavenSkullMagic

Keep the music rolling with this custom designed and plastic free music table for kids. This musical instrument is handmade with natural solid wood so your child can bang on it for hours without a care in the world.

Price: $62.90

Why they’ll love it: This table is extra special because it comes with a personalized message etched into its wood. Its custom design easily makes it one of the best eco friendly gifts for children.

30. Kids eco friendly gardening set

Child's hands pouring dirt into a plant pot

One of the best things about young children is their endless curiosity and imagination. Give them this eco friendly gardening set and they'll soon have you convinced they're harvesting polka-dotted carrots behind the maple tree.

Price: $36.95

Why they’ll love it: This kit arrives in eco conscious packaging and is 100% plastic free.

31. Insulated TKWide water bottle with twist cap

Klean kanteen water bottle for kids

Kids are always on the go. So, instead of trying to reign them back to earth, try your best to hydrate them as they skip from cloud to cloud. Once you give them their very own Klean Kanteen water bottle, they're sure to break for a little rocket fuel every now and then. (Just don't tell them it's coconut water!)

Price: $29.95

Why they’ll love it: The twist cap design on this stainless steel water bottle makes drinking without spills, a total breeze.

32. Stack & sort train

Colorful train playset for kids

Give your littlest conductor this BPA free toy train, made from 100% recycled plastic. They'll spend hours rolling this mobile toy around the house and making their best "Choo Choo!" noises as they go.

Price: $39.99

Why they’ll love it: We think this is one of the best sustainable gifts for kids because it's a breeze to clean (and it’s dishwasher safe!).

33. Wooden palette paint gift set

A piece of wood with colorful paint wells inside it

If you'd like to fire up your child's creative side but worry about toxic materials in art supplies, give them this wooden palette paint set! It's made without toxic materials such as lead or other heavy metals.

Price: $59

Why they’ll love it: This paint set comes with a wooden palette, paint brush, handmade paper and a reusable cotton bag

34. Waldorf wooden play stand

Two kids playing inside a waldorf wooden play stand

If you know a kid with a huge imagination, they are guaranteed to love this natural wooden playstand. Playstands can be pushed together and draped with sheets to form a magical place for kids to dream.

Price: $399

Why they’ll love it: These play stands are made in the USA from solid knotty pine wood.

35. The looker play kit

The looker eco play kit for babies

Even the littlest of babes can benefit from eco friendly gifts with this looker play set from Lovevery. Designed to inspire children at every stage of growth, these infant toys expose your 0-12 week baby to high contrast colors and new sensory experiences.

Price: $399

Why they’ll love it: Lovevery is a Certified B Corporation and is working to become a carbon neutral company by 2030.


Now that you've read through all 35 of our favorite eco friendly gifts, we won't blame you if you've gone and snuck a few cheeky items into your personal wish list. It's a total win-win for the environment though since all of these presents are kind to the planet and made with sustainability in mind.

If you're still having trouble deciding on the perfect present, we think it's worth taking a second glance at Lomi. Whether this electric composter is for your favorite green thumb or for yourself, Lomi turns smelly food scraps into nutrient rich dirt that your plants will love. Plus, Lomi will save you money on garbage bags since it reduces your kitchen waste by 50-80%. Get Lomi today!


Written by: Anna Buck