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A woman holding up two phone cases

24 Best Eco-Friendly Phone Cases (Top Sellers of 2022)

A woman holding up two phone cases

When buying a new phone case, we always pay attention to its durability, strength, and style. However, it's becoming more and more important to start looking out for sustainability as well. Although a phone case is a small thing, and it may not seem like much waste, people dispose of 1.5 billion phone cases each year. Considering most phone cases aren't made from sustainable or recycled materials, that's a terrible result for the planet.

Thankfully, companies focused on replenishing the environment instead of tearing it down have designed eco-friendly phone cases that are both stylish and protective. In case you're not sure what to look for, we've compiled a list of the very best sustainable phone cases currently available. With the variety out there today, you're sure to find a cell phone case that's perfect for you and the environment!

Let's start by taking a look at our top 5 recommendations for eco-friendly phone cases.

Our recommendations for the best sustainable phone cases

3 compostable phone cases being presented in front of some plants
Image credit: Pela

If you're not at all sure what kind of cell phone case you're looking for and just want the best of the best, we highly recommend a phone case from this list. Each case here is long-lasting, unique, and will stand out among the crowd.

  1. Best compostable phone case: Pela green summit
  2. Best eco-friendly protective phone case: Pela seashell pink peaks
  3. Best wooden phone case: Carved zahir
  4. Best patterned eco-friendly phone case: A Good Company color splash
  5. Best eco-friendly clear phone case: Pela clear with black ridge


Pela Case

Pela Case


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24 best eco-friendly phone cases to protect your phone & the planet

If you want to take a look at the variety of amazing eco-friendly phone cases available, this list of the top sustainable phone cases is just what you're looking for.

1. Pela honey (bee edition)

A phone in the honey Pela case

Want to show your love and support for the bees? This adorable phone case doesn't just show off your appreciation of bees and everything they do for our planet. By buying this Pela eco-friendly phone case, you're giving back to the bees by being nicer to their environment. Plus, who wouldn't love some cute little bees on their phone case?

Price: $59.95

Why we love this case: You can help protect both the land and the ocean with this phone case purchase. Pela donates a percentage of every sale to ocean cleanup and preservation efforts.

2. Native Union clic classic

Two clic classic Native Union cell phone cases against a marble background

Achieve both protection and classical elegance with this environmentally certified Italian leather phone case. This classic look comes in two colors, and can mix and match with slings in a wide variety of colors.

Price: $59.99

Why we love this case: Not only is the leather itself environmentally friendly, but the inner casing is made from recycled materials.

3. Incipo kate spade new york

Product image of the Incipo kate spade new york phone case

If you want to be eco-friendly but still want glitter and sparkles with you at all times, the Incipo kate spade new york cell phone case is the one you should grab. This case will keep your phone looking amazing while protecting it from damage and protecting you from surface bacteria.

Price: $54.99

Why we love this case: Glitter doesn't have to be terrible for the environment - at least not when it's made from recycled materials. Incipo cell phone cases are all made from recycled materials, turning what would be going to a landfill into something useful instead.



4. Carved zahir

Product image of the Carved zahir phone case

The mix of wood and blue resin on the gorgeous cell phone case looks like ocean waves crashing on the beach. The durability and sustainability of the phone case only make it even more perfect to bring on beach trips and other outdoor adventures.

Price: $52.00

Why we love this case: Each Carved phone case is completely unique. Buying one of these phone cases means you'll be walking around with a truly one-of-a-kind phone.

5. Pela green summit

A product shot of the green summit Pela case

Anyone who loves the atmosphere of the forest and enjoys walking through the woods will feel at home with this biodegradable phone case. The green of the case is the perfect representation of the forest ambiance, and the tree design is subtle yet attractive.

Price: $59.95

Why we love this case: If you surround yourself with nature at home, a case made of compostable materials is ideal for you. In fact, all any Pela case can be composted at home using your own Lomi, so you can turn your phone case into plant food at the end of its life.

6. Go Nimble spotlight case

Product shot of the spotlight case against a pink background

This slim phone cover has a great combination of geometric shapes and neutral colors. Altogether, it gives off a look of simple elegance. This case also feels wonderful to hold. It has a no-slip grip for added security, but it’s also slim and light, so your phone won’t feel bulky.

Price: $24.95

Why we love this case: Go Nimble’s phone covers are fantastic for the environment because they’re mostly made from recycled materials. While this does mean they’re not biodegradable or compostable, they are using resources already out there instead of manufacturing new stuff to get thrown away.

7. Pela seashell pink peaks

A phone in a seashell pink peaks Pela case held against a brick wall

The seashell pink peaks Pela phone case is perfect for mountain lovers and hikers. The neutral colors and soft curves of the landscape create a calming and aesthetically pleasing appearance that isn't too loud. This is ideal for people who want a lovely phone to look at, but don't care to stand out in the crowd.

Price: $59.95

Why we love this case: With how protective Pela cases are, you're definitely safe to bring your phone in one of these cases with you on your adventure to the mountains.



8. Pela seashell shrooms and blooms

A phone in a seashell shrooms and blooms Pela case

This lovely biodegradable phone case is full of color and life, and is an excellent choice for plant and mushroom lovers. However, the colors aren't too bright, so it's still calming to look at. If you did want something bolder, there is a similar design with a black background and bright colors that just pop.

Price: $59.95

Why we love this case: Every Pela case is designed to fit with a grip for extra comfort, or with a MagSafe module for wireless charging. Easily customize your compostable case to make it perfect for you.

9. Agood Company batabasta tutti frutti

Product image of the batabasta tutti frutti phone case from multiple angles

This cool and flashy phone case is definitely a fun one to look at. Not only that, but its design shows what it's made from. All phone cases from Agood Company are eco-friendly because they're made from plant-based materials. Specifically, they're made from Linseed grown by an ecologically certified farmer.

Price: $34.99

Why we love this case: Once you're done with this phone case, don't throw it out! You can actually send it back to Agood Company and they'll use it to make a new one as part of their A Good Loop system.

10. Safesleeve phone case

Product shot of the front and back of the Safesleeve phone case

The Safesleeve phone case offers style, protection, and convenience all in one. With the front cover that snaps closed around your phone, you'll be able to carry cards, cash, and your cell in one convenient bundle. You won't even need a wallet with this handy phone case in your pocket.

Price: $59.95

Why we love this case: Safesleeve cases aren't only built to protect your phone, but to protect you as well! All Safesleeve products are built to keep you safe from potential harm caused by technology, including radiation protection.

11. Pela lavender blue reflections

A woman holding her phone in a lavender blue reflections Pela case

This compostable phone case looks like a beautiful watercolor painting you can carry around in your pocket. The lavender blue looks like the daylight sky, but if that's not your style, this design comes in a variety of colors. Try out the pink or the orange for stunning sunset and sunrise looks.

Price: $59.95

Why we love this case: These biodegradable phone cases not only look nice and are great for the environment, but they feel great to hold as well. While most protective cases are rigid and uncomfortable, Pela cases are soft, bendy, and slightly grippy for the perfect hand-feel.

12. Reveal cork phone case

A person holding up their phone in a cork phone case

These cork phone cases by Reveal are both eco-friendly and unique. Cork bark itself is a renewable and sustainable resource, but it's also recyclable. Cork is also a fantastic protective material for your devices.

Price: $27.99

Why we love this case: When you buy a phone case from Reveal, you get more than what you pay for! For every phone case purchase, Reveal plants a tree with non-profit American Forests.

13. Pela clear bloom with lavender ridge

A product shot of the clear bloom Pela case with a lavender ridge

If you're looking for a clear eco-friendly phone case, the clean bloom Pela case with lavender ridge is a fantastic choice. You get to let your phone shine through while still decorating it with a cute design. The colors on the flowers also go perfectly with any phone color, so you can be sure it'll look great no matter what you have!

Price: $59.95

Why we love this case: Pela's eco-friendly cases don't just feature plants in their designs - they're actually made from plant based biopolymers and flax shive, making the perfect material for a sustainable phone case.

14. Wave Case turtle

Product shot of the turtle Wave Case

If you love either the ocean, sea creatures, or both, this turtle phone case by Wave Case is a great choice for you. Coming in a few different colors, you get your choice of adorable turtle you can carry around with you.

Price: £18.00

Why we love this case: If you like turtles, you can show them you care about them by buying this plastic-free and biodegradable phone case.

15. Reboxed phone case

Someone holding up a handful of Reboxed phone cases in different colors

Although the designs of these cases are plain, sometimes that's exactly what you're looking for. The solid colors shine through perfectly, and you'll be able to customize these cases to your heart's content without worrying about clashing with the design.

Price: £20

Why we love this case: Not only are these phone cases compostable, but the Reboxed plants a tree with every case purchase. On top of that, 1% of all their sales go to global environmental organizations.

16. Incipo stashback

Product shot of the front and back of the Incipo stashback phone case

Incipo's stashback case takes convenience and protection to the next level with a hidden compartment on the back. This compartment is designed to hold cards, cash, and even keys, so you can keep everything important all in one place. While the design may leave some wanting, this case's features definitely overshadow its plain look.

Price: $44.99

Why we love this case: Keeping everything safe in one convenient spot is great, but it's even better when it's an environmentally friendly phone case that also features antimicrobial protection.

17. Pela black night garden

A woman holding her phone in the night garden phone case

Carry around a piece of elegance in your pocket when you have the black night garden phone case. The pink and red flowers pop against the black background, showing off their intricate and detailed designs.

Price: $59.95

Why we love this case: All Pela cases are 100% compostable. At the end of its life, it'll feed the planet instead of taking up space in a landfill.

18. Carved denyse

Product image of the Carved denyse phone case

Here is yet another Carved phone case we wanted to showcase. In case you're not a fan of the wooden phone cases, they do also offer cases that only feature resin. This one is a beautiful mixture of blues and reds that remind us of gorgeous and healthy coral reefs.

Price: $52.00

Why we love this case: Explain (1 - 2 sentences)

19. Pela lavender

A phone in a lavender Pela case sticking out of a pocket

If you're looking for just a straightforward compostable case that has more function over style, the simple colored phone cases offered by Pela are your best bet. While they don't have much design to them, the colors come across seamlessly, and the cases feel great to hold onto.

Price: $59.95

Why we love this case: Even the most simple designs offered by Pela are beautiful in their own right. You simply can't go wrong with any of the solid color choices they deliver.

20. Native Union cool-tone fox head

Two fox head phone cases by Native Union resting on glass

This cute phone case is great for fox-lovers, as it features a shiny fox on a cool-colored background. This case also feels as good as it looks because of its slim design made to feel weightless in your hands.

Price: $59.99

Why we love this case: Even better than this case's particular design is Native Union's drive towards a better future through their sustainable practices. They're completely transparent about how their products are made, and you can easily see just what steps they're taking to reduce their impact on the world.

21. Pela forest floor

A product shot of the forest floor Pela case

Easily connect with the forest and nature when using this forest floor compostable phone case. While it's similar to the solid color phone cases offered by Pela, this one has just that little bit extra to make it stand out and feel like you're holding a piece of the woods in your hand.

Price: $59.95

Why we love this case: Even when made from plant-based materials, these eco phone covers are just as protective as the best plastic phone cases available. You can easily be more environmentally friendly without sacrificing any protection.

22. Agood Company color splash

Product image of the color splash phone case from multiple angles

If you're into abstract art and pops of color, this color splash sustainable cell phone case will be a great choice for you. You'll get to feel like you're carrying around a piece of art with you and get a burst of happiness whenever you're pulling out your phone.

Price: $34.99

Why we love this case: Sustainability doesn't need to be more expensive than plastic phone cases. The cheap eco-friendly phone cases offered by Agood Company provide just as much quality, if not more, as the plastic waste used to protect phones.

23. Wave Case plant

Product shot of the plant Wave Case

Another great phone case by Wave Case is their plant design. Instead of just a smooth cover, the attractive plant design is etched into the surface of the phone case, giving it an attractive look and interesting feel.

Price: £18.00

Why we love this case: Being made from wheat straw, this phone case is completely biodegradable, yet no less protective than a sturdy plastic case.

24. Pela clear case with ridge

Colorful clear cases on the sand

More and more these days, phone companies are coming out with phones that look amazing all on their own. In that case, you may just want to let your phone do all the talking. Pela's clear phone case collection lets you do just that while offering durable protection.

Price: $59.95

Why we love this case: Pela cases are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes so that they can fit most phone models, including iPhone models and Android phones of all kinds.

What makes a phone case sustainable?

3 sustainable phone cases stacked on the grass

Phone cases would be considered eco-friendly for a mix of reasons. The material they're made from, how long they last, and even the brand that develops them all impact the phone case's sustainability. You generally want to look for phone cases made from eco-friendly materials and by a sustainable brand.

Of course, that is simplifying things a bit. for a bit more depth, here's a list of traits you can search for when buying an eco-friendly phone case:

  1. The phone case is compostable: When billions of phone cases are getting tossed each year, how those cases can be disposed of makes a huge difference. Compostable phone cases won't add to landfills at the end of their life, and will instead nourish the earth.
  2. It’s made from sustainable materials: The materials used to make phone cases are also important, as most phone cases are made from non-renewable resources (such as plastic). Plant-based materials, like Flaxstic, and other renewable materials are much more eco-friendly.
  3. It lasts for a long time: The fewer phone cases that need to be developed and then thrown away, the better. For that reason, having a phone case that's durable and will last a long time is essential. The longer you're holding on to a single case, the fewer you'll ever need to buy.
  4. It’s made from recycled materials: Renewable resources aren't the only materials a company can use to develop eco-friendly phone cases. Using what's already here instead of creating new materials is also sustainable, so it's great when phone cases are made from recycled materials.
  5. The company itself is eco-friendly: The phone case itself isn't the only factor that's important. The company developing the phone cases also matters. When a company has sustainable policies and strives for eco certifications (such as B corp or Climate Neutral certifications), you can be confident their development process will be as eco-friendly as possible.

When trying to be more sustainable, every little decision counts. Making the effort to buy an eco-friendly phone case is a great step towards a healthier future for our planet. If none of these cases were really what you were looking for, don't worry! You can check out the full Pela case collection online. Either way, we thank you for ditching plastic phone cases and choosing biodegradable phone cases instead.

Written by: Sereana Simpson