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3 Ways to Have an Eco-Friendly Christmas

3 Ways to Have an Eco-Friendly Christmas

The holidays are officially HERE!! And, it's the most wasteful time of the year so I'm going to share a few ways you can reduce waste and be more mindful.


You might be wondering, is a real tree or a fake tree more eco-friendly? 

I believe that a real tree is more sustainable IF you compost it when you're done. 

Christmas tree farms grow trees all year round which means the trees are absorbing carbon throughout the year!

If your only option is to dump your tree at the landfill, then consider opting for a fake Christmas tree or check out some non-tree ideas like this tree made from sticks and twine!


I think we've already established that I love cookies. I'm planning to make the most epic gingerbread house EVER this year, but I love to make Christmas sugar cookies in fun shapes too.  

Fun Fact! You don't have to buy powdered sugar in a plastic bag. You can buy regular sugar in a paper bag and then blend it! 

Yep. Powdered sugar is literally regular sugar blended into a powder. 

I like to make my own food coloring too so if you're feeling extra adventurous use a little bit of each pigment until you get the shade. 

Turmeric = gold 
Spirulina = green 
Beets =


Traditional wrapping paper isn’t recyclable, and after tearing through it during a gift-opening frenzy, it’s probably not reusable either.

In order to prevent this, stick to gift wrapping that can be used over and over like holiday bags and tissue paper or beautiful cloth alternatives.

Opt for a double gift making the wrapping part of the present like with scarves or reusable bags.

Choose materials that can be recycled and composted like newsprint or brown paper. Both of those items can probably be found in your recycling bin so you don't have to go out and buy anything.