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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

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Protect your new phone with the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE case. Providing added protection, you can prevent your Samsung Galaxy S20 FE from scratches, scuffs and dents, keeping your phone’s e-waste from clogging the landfills sooner than necessary. 

Making compostable phone cases is just one of the ways Pela Case is a friend to the earth. We also take a number of sustainable steps to reduce our dependence on plastic and fossil fuels. In fact, Pela is a Certified B Corporation that is Climate Neutral Certified.

Need to dispose of your old phone case? Take part in the Pela 360 Program. With this earth-friendly program, we send you your new Samsung S20 FE case with an envelope to ship back your old case for recycling or upcycling. It doesn’t even have to be a Pela case – send in your conventional plastic case, too. We’ll know exactly what to do with it!

Looking for something different than the Galaxy S20 FE case? Pela carries a wide range of iPhone and Android phone cases. Discover exactly what you need and visit our entire collection of sustainable phone cases today! Take a look at our compostable phone accessories, too! 

If you’re trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle and cut down on your e-waste, that’s what Pela’s here for! Explore our colorful and nature-inspired S20 FE cases today.