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Samsung Galaxy S9 Case

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What’s so unique about Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus cases from Pela? Well, hang on — how long do you have? Start here: Our Galaxy S9 Plus cases are sustainably produced using compostable materials that compost completely in standard composts without leaving chemical residue. Ultimately, that means fewer plastic phone cases clogging oceans and waterways or leaching chemicals into the ground in a landfill. 

On top of that, we’ve engineered the design and materials of our Samsung S9 Plus cases to provide a high quality case that protects the Earth and keeps your phone safe. Their grippy soft texture feels oh-so-good in your hand while helping you keep hold of your phone, and the tough material is built for superior drop protection and impact resistance. A more rugged Galaxy S9 Plus case means fewer people replacing their phones and less electronic waste created. 

It’s all part of our mission for a cleaner and more habitable home for humans and all other species. We love making it easy to choose awesome sustainable goods, and our Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus cases are our easiest choice yet. To explore our Galaxy S9 Plus cases, click any case from this collection to see colors and options, including stunning engravings inspired by the natural world. Looking for a regular S9 case? Check out our collection of Galaxy S9 cases here.