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Plastic is so last millennium. Say hello to the first-ever sustainably produced and compostable iPhone 7 cases and iPhone 8 cases. Pela specializes in plastic free phone cases made from compostable materials that break down completely in a standard compost and leave no toxic residues behind. That helps keep plastic phone cases from clogging waterways and landfills, where they can take thousands of years to break down and leave behind potentially dangerous chemicals.

Our iPhone 7 cases and iPhone 8 cases’ sustainable designs are also created for tough performance and real protection. We love to help reduce electronic waste by empowering our customers to keep their phones for longer, which is why our iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 phone cases feature robust drop protection and a grippy, soft texture to help you hold on to your phone. 

The core of our philosophy is simple: Give consumers the means to buy greener and buy better, and they will. If you’re ready for an iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 case that you can feel good about, we’re ready for you. Click any product from our collection of compostable iPhone 7 cases or iPhone 8 cases to see our colors and styles, including gorgeous engraved cases with designs to kindle your spirit.