Buy 2 Cases, Get 2 Free

Buy 2 Cases, Get 2 FREE

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The Pixel 2 Eco Friendly Phone Case

The Pixel 2 Eco Friendly Phone Case

You've asked. We've listened. It is finally here! Shop the new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL cases. 

The Pixel cases come in all of our favorites Save the Waves and Oceana where 5% of the sales are donated to these charitable organizations. 

Cue the Fireworks the Pixel 2 is here!!

On top of that 1% of all of the sales go to 1% for the Planet! We believe our planet should be cherished and loved! 

We give back because we love mama earth. 

The Pixel cases are made out of our same flaxstic material making them completely compostable in a backyard setting or an industrial facility.

The flax shive we use is actually a byproduct of the flax industry. So, we're taking a waste product and turning it into a useful material. 

We also have a closed loop process where we can keep recycling the material over and over again, but as always we recommend that you keep your functioning phone case as long as possible. 

We're here when you need an upgrade. We will be shipping these out starting July 15th, but so glad we could get the announcement out in time for the 4th! 

Who's excited that the Pixel's are finally here! *Cue the fireworks!!*