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4 Signs You Need a New Phone: Know When To Upgrade

phones on table

Smartphones have become so crucial in our daily lives that it’s difficult for most people to imagine living without them for very long. Recent statistics show Americans spend more than five hours on their phones and check them as many as 63 times daily. Our phones connect us to our friends, family and business associates; most of our fondest memories and vital information are also stored in our phones.

But like any other technology, they can break down or become superseded by newer models. And when they do, life can become difficult. Here are four tell-tale signs to look out for when considering upgrading to a new phone. And when you get that new phone, be sure to also get an iPhone or Android phone case.

Sign 1. Your Phone Has Sustained a Lot of Physical Damage

phone cracked screen

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This is probably the most obvious of all indicators. If your phone has a massive crack running along its screen, it’s not likely to be in good shape. But while screen damage is the most common physical issue, it’s far from the only one. Dropping your phone one time too many may cause internal damage, which is not even outwardly visible but which certainly affects performance. Pela’s durable, stylish, compostable, and eco-friendly phone cases can keep any of this from ever becoming a problem in the first place.

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Sign 2. The Battery Dies Quickly

Have you noticed that, for some reason, your phone charge doesn’t seem to last as long as it once did? This may not be your imagination. Over time, the battery of every smartphone is bound to degrade. As unfortunate as this is, it’s normal. However, if you notice that your phone battery drains quickly even though you’re barely using your phone, there’s probably an underlying issue at play. This is a good indication that it’s time to get a replacement.

iPhone users should be aware that Apple states that all iPhones should retain at least 80% of their original battery capacity for the first two years. If you notice a rapid and sudden decline in battery performance, you might want to consider upgrading to a model like the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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Sign 3. Your Buttons or Screen Stop Functioning

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It’s frustrating to tap your phone screen and not receive the proper response. This alone can completely derail your ability to use it. This problem may be a direct result of damage done to the screen. However, even if your phone’s screen is completely intact, you may still experience this issue on a phone that is old enough. Critical buttons on your phone, like the volume or power button, may also stop working correctly as the device ages. There are many potential causes of this problem, from physical wear and tear to gunk or debris trapped between the creases of buttons.

Regardless of the cause, carrying a phone you can’t use is no good. If you notice this problem, it may be time to consider getting an upgrade.

Sign 4. You Have an Out-of-Date Model

Up to now, we’ve been discussing physical issues that can impede your phone’s functionality. But what if your phone is just fine physically but still old? The usefulness of a new phone with expanded features and greater capabilities can be a good reason to upgrade. After all, who wants to get stuck in the past?

Whether you’re in the market for the newest iPhone or Android, Pela has some great cases to go along with whatever phone catches your eye. We have Android phone cases available for all the newest models. iPhone 14 Pro Max cases are also here aplenty.

If You Upgrade Your Phone, Upgrade Your Case as Well

These are just a few possible signs that you need a new phone. But if you’ve noticed any of them and decided that the time is right for an upgrade, make sure your new phone has a shiny new case to match.