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woman browsing phone on street

5 Productive Things To Do on Your Phone Instead of Scrolling

Phones have become an extension of our arms, and it’s easy to get lost in the endless sea of social media, memes and videos that our phones have to offer. But you can be productive on your phone and enjoy yourself, too. Here are some things to do on your phone instead of just scrolling.

woman browsing phone on street

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1. Use Your Phone With Intention

One of the best ways to use your phone with intention is to keep a daily or weekly journal. Journaling is an excellent way to organize your thoughts, track your daily progress on an activity or reflect on your life. Plus, when you use your phone, you can take advantage of various journaling apps. With a journaling app, you can customize your entries with emojis, stickers and photos, making it a fun way to document your life. The benefits of journaling go beyond just productivity. Writing down your thoughts and feelings can help you process and better understand them. It’s a great way to manage stress and anxiety.

Keeping a journal on your phone is especially convenient. You can jot down your thoughts on the go and access them anytime. Plus, you can keep everything organized with keywords and other tools. It’s an eco-friendly option, too. You’re not wasting paper! Just make sure your phone is protected with one of our compostable iPhone cases, like our durable iPhone 14 Pro Max case or the iPhone 14 Plus case, so you can journal anywhere, anytime.

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2. Read an E-book

Reading an e-book on your phone lets you expand your knowledge and entertain yourself simultaneously. You’ll also improve your focus and concentration. Unlike scrolling through social media or watching videos, reading requires paying attention and engaging with the material. Plus, you can carry an entire library in your pocket. No more worrying about running out of reading material when you’re on the go. You’ll have access to thousands of books with just a few taps.

3. Listen to a Podcast

Podcasts are like radio shows, only better. Whether you’re interested in news, politics, true crime or just good old-fashioned storytelling, there’s a podcast out there that will keep you riveted.

Podcasts can also be incredibly informative. You can learn about all sorts of topics, from history and science to pop culture and current events. And because you can listen to podcasts anywhere, you can turn your daily commute, workout or household chores into an opportunity to be entertained or to learn something new.

4. Learn a New Language With a Language App

Why don’t you learn a new language with a language learning app, like Duolingo or Babbel? These apps make language learning fun and interactive with games, quizzes and lessons tailored to your skill level.

Not only is learning a new language a fulfilling and challenging experience, but it’s also a fun way to improve your brain function. You’ll improve your memory and enhance your cognitive abilities as well. Another reason to learn a language on your phone is that you can do it anytime and anywhere. You can practice on the train, the subway, or even while in line. Just make sure to keep your phone protected with one of our Pela cases in case you accidentally drop it.

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5. Do Virtual Yoga

With yoga apps, such as Down Dog and Alo Moves, you can practice yoga right from your phone and in the privacy of your home. These apps offer various yoga styles and classes, from gentle stretches to challenging flows. You can even customize your practice to fit your skill level and preferences. If you’re too tired to pack up your yoga mat and drive to a studio, just roll out of bed, open your app and start your practice!

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Besides helping you stay fit, yoga is also a powerful tool for reducing stress and anxiety. It can boost your mood and improve your overall well-being, too.

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Your phone doesn’t have to be a brain-numbing escape. You can also use it to write a journal, read a book or learn a new language. Let your phone help you discover so much more of the world.