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woman lifting cracked smartphone off the ground

How to Stop Dropping Your Phone: 7 Helpful Tips

woman lifting cracked smartphone off the ground

Source: encierro/Shutterstock.com

When it comes to preventing phone damage, common sense goes a long way. You wouldn’t pull your phone out at a rowdy concert or keep it balanced precariously on a railing as you attempt a selfie at a roadside overlook. (Right?) However, there are countless other risky daily routines we do that can result in a broken phone or busted screen.

And let’s face it — these days, it’s often more affordable to buy a new cell phone altogether than to replace the screen. So how can we prevent our phones from irreparable breakage? From being mindful of when you bring your phone out to attaching grippable accessories, here is how to stop dropping your phone once and for all.  

#1 Choose a Textured Protective Case

Smartphones offer a sleek design with smooth glass and flush buttons all around. But while it sure looks aesthetically pleasing to the eye, it’s useless when it comes to providing grip. So the next time you buy a new phone, make sure to invest in a protective case. Yes, a liquid screen protector can prevent a cracked screen, but any extra protective measure you can take can help prolong the life of your device. Instead of losing grip on your glossy smartphone, secure it in a protective case made of a rubbery surface. Pela cases are designed to feel soft and grippy — keeping it in your hand, not on the ground. So, if you just got the brand-spanking-new iPhone 13, prevent the heartbreak of a broken screen and get a sturdy iPhone 13 case.

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#2 Use a Phone Grip

multi color pela cases

Cases and screen protectors are must-haves for protecting your phone’s screen, but it’s even better if you can avoid dropping your phone in the first place! In addition to a protective case, you can also attach a textured phone grip. Phone grips can offer a texturized and adjustable loop that secures firmly to your phone case, inviting you to slip your fingers through and bid your days of dropped phones goodbye. Plus, it can even act as a stabilizer when you want to take a selfie. Of course, just like our phone cases, you can also choose a compostable Pela phone grip built with plant-based materials that can break down in the soil. 

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#3 Change Your ‘Mode’ of Operation

Find yourself stretching your hand to expand or swipe away a notification only to lose grip of your phone? Whether you’re using a Samsung or an iPhone, change the access mode to make it easier to use single-handedly. For Samsung and other Android devices, simply enable the one-handed mode. With iPhone’s iOS, meanwhile, Apple provides a comparable feature known as reachability mode. With these handy modes toggled on, you can scroll a screen so all apps are within a single thumb’s reach, and it’s simple to toggle them on and off via swipe-based shortcuts. You’ll never fumble around reaching for apps on the other side of the screen again.

#4 Create a Phone-Free Bathroom Break

If you’ve ever tried drying your phone out in rice after dropping it in the sink — or worse, the toilet — we don’t have to explain this one to you. Before you head to the restroom to wash your hands or do your business, remove your phone from your pocket and leave it somewhere safe. Keeping phones out of the bathroom practices good hygiene, but also prevents it from dropping in what might be the worst place imaginable.

#5 Slide Your Phone Into Your Front Pocket

smartphone front pocket

Source: Josep Suria/Shutterstock.com

Sliding your phone into your back pocket is practically second nature. However, even with deep pockets, it can easily shimmy up and slide out. Not to mention you could crush it sitting on it, forgetting it’s there. So the next time you want to slide it into a back jeans pocket, try to resist the urge and place it in your front pocket instead. 

#6 Secure Your Phone in a Running Belt

Listening to your favorite podcast or energizing playlist during a run or even a casual hike or stroll requires your phone. But you want to make sure you don’t drop it on the hard asphalt, rocky trail or whatever path you’re on. While the skip button is conveniently close when you hold the phone directly in your hand, it’s far safer — for both you and the phone — to secure it somewhere else. Not only should you have both hands free to catch yourself in a fall, but you can easily drop your phone from sweaty palms. So instead, secure your phone in a running belt, along with your keys and other personal items. Even better? You could invest in a smartwatch like an Apple Watch that attaches to your wrist with a compostable band

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#7 Try Cable Management or Use a Wireless Charger

If you tend to jerk your phone from its charger and send it flying toward the nearest hard surface, it might be time to practice better cable management. Instead of leaving your phone’s charging cable dangling off the nightstand or across your desk, choose a wireless charger. A wireless charger can replace your cables and keep a tidy space, free of loose wires and flying smartphones. Look for fast-charging wireless charging pads or stations that can charge your phone in no time. And remember to practice energy efficiency, unplugging the charger when it’s not in use.  

With these helpful tips, dropping your phone will become a thing of the past. No longer will clumsiness, accidental trips or sweaty palm slips break your phone’s screen or make it completely obsolete. So turn on that reachability mode and pop your phone into a rubber textured phone case and phone grip to secure it and give it the longest life possible. Be sure to check out our entire lineup of iPhone and Android phone cases, plus other must-have mobile phone accessories — all made from 100 percent compostable materials!