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How to Get Air Bubbles Out of a Screen Protector

taking video with a phone

If you’ve decided to use a screen protector, let us just take a quick minute to congratulate you on your incredible foresight! These handy little extras shield your phone from dreadful cracked screens in the event of a drop or ding. And, let’s be honest — we’re all guilty of dropping our devices every now and again. That’s probably why cracked screens are the most common kind of smartphone damage.

This is why it’s so crucial to take the extra step of using a screen protector (along with one of our ultra-protective phone cases, of course). But there’s one downfall of some screen protectors, namely that they tend to cause air bubbles that compromise your view and drive you crazy when you’re using your phone. Below, we’ll go over a couple of tried and true ways to get rid of the air bubbles for good. But first, our best tip on avoiding them altogether.

Problem Solved: Use a Liquid Screen Protector

liquid screen protector

Hate air bubbles? Same. That’s why we invented an eco-friendly liquid screen protector that provides 9H hardness protection without the risk of air bubbles. To add it to your phone’s screen, all you have to do is apply it with a dry microfiber cloth and you instantly have a thin, invisible layer of strength that will shield your phone’s screen from the inevitable dings, scratches and drops of day-to-day life. Zero air bubbles, and you get to skip the nerve-wracking screen protector installation process where you hope that your glass protector goes on straight when you put it on the phone! Oh, and each one comes with a liquid screen protector warranty that protects your purchase for a year.

Upgrade to a Better Screen Protector

How to Remove Air Bubbles in Your Screen Protector

Now that you know which kind of protector is best for avoiding air bubbles altogether, here are a few quick tips to help you erase the ones lingering on your device screen right now.

  • Remove and Clean the Protector — If your screen protector is removable and reusable, start by taking it off your phone and cleaning it with a screen cleaner and cleaning cloth. Often, air bubbles happen due to tiny pieces of dirt and grime that get trapped beneath the sticky side of the screen protector, but getting rid of them can help eliminate air pockets. This is also why it’s crucial to thoroughly clean your phone before installing a new screen protector. Apple, Google and Samsung all recommend that users employ a soft, slightly damp and lint-free cloth to clean their phones, and most manufacturers’ recommendations are similar. Whatever you do, don’t use a paper towel, as this can scratch your device screen and leave tiny fibers behind. Note that removing your screen protector will likely result in it not being as sticky as it was.
  • Gently Scrape Away the Bubbles — If you’ve already installed your screen protector and don’t want to risk re-installing it to fix it, try gently scraping away the air bubbles with a firm, non-abrasive tool. Some screen protectors actually come with small plastic pieces to help you scrape away those air bubbles safely, but if you don’t have anything on hand, the edge of a credit card will work. (Make sure the card is clean!) Start as close to the center of the screen as possible. Press firmly — but not too firmly — and scrape the bubbles to the edges of the screen protector, lifting it slightly to let the air out. After thoroughly washing and drying your hands, you may also try using your fingers to gently push out the bubbles. Make sure to clean your screen afterwards!
  • Replace Your Screen Protector — Unfortunately, most screen protectors are highly wasteful and designed for single-use applications. That means that if you can’t get the bubbles out, or your screen protector is totally packed with lint and dust particles on the inside, your best bet might be to replace it with a new protector altogether. Maddening, right? That’s why it’s best to use a screen protector that’s less likely to get air bubbles to begin with, such as one of our amazing liquid screen protectors.

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Discover a High-Quality, Eco-Friendly Screen Protector

At Pela, we strive to help our customers live a lower waste lifestyle, which is why we offer 100 percent compostable phone cases as well as premium liquid screen protectors that help eliminate waste. Not only are the materials we use to make our screen protector totally eco-friendly, but the protectors themselves are actually more environmentally friendly because they last longer and don’t need to be replaced as often.

Kiss your air bubbles goodbye, and forget disposable glass protectors that shatter if you give them a mean look. It’s time to upgrade to the ultimate eco-friendly cell phone screen protector for iPhone and Android! Not sure what liquid screen protectors are all about? We’ve got answers for you. Just check out Pela’s liquid screen protector to see the best in zero waste screen protection.