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How to Clean the Front Camera on an iPhone

You love taking selfies on your phone. Maybe it’s of you and your dog at the park, or maybe it’s your little nephew and you hanging out at the beach. Either way, you’re starting to notice your photos coming out blurry. It’s time to clean your front camera. Here’s how to clean the front camera on an iPhone so you can get back to taking those selfies.

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How to Clean the Front Camera

When removing dirt from your iPhone’s front camera, it’s best to use a microfiber cloth to clean the lens. According to Apple, if you see debris or dust inside the lens and still need assistance cleaning it out, you can take your iPhone directly to an Apple Retail Store or visit an Authorized Service Provider for help. You’ll also want to test your front camera for any basic issues. If there’s an accessory or some kind of magnet near your front camera, remove it to see if that is what’s blocking the front camera. If the flash isn’t working, also remove any object like a phone case that might be blocking the flash. Test both the front and back cameras as well.

What NOT to Do When Cleaning the Front Camera

Don’t touch the front camera lens with your fingers. Doing so will leave behind smudges because of the oil on your skin. When holding your phone, hold it with your fingers on the side of the phone. Don’t wipe the lens cover with your finger, even if it’s from your clean and recently washed hands. After your phone is clean, get into the habit of only placing your phone face-up on clean surfaces. If you put your phone anywhere face-down, your front camera is more likely to pick up dirt and other debris will get stuck in your front camera lens.

Signs It’s Time to Clean the Front Camera

You’re pretty sure there’s dirt or dust on your camera. You can see the debris actually building up on the lens. When you go to take a selfie, the picture comes out fuzzy or unclear. These are all signs it’s time to clean the front camera of your iPhone. If your camera screen is showing up as a black screen, it could be a sign of damage or a larger overall issue with your phone. Take your Apple device to a store or authorized service provider to be sure.

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How to Keep Your iPhone Protected

Keep your phone protected with a phone case. Especially when you’re cleaning your phone, it’ll be one less thing to worry about when you’re cleaning the front camera lens. While you’re focused on cleaning the front camera, you’ll feel more at ease knowing your phone is encased with a case that protects your phone from scratches and cracks.

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Different Wipes and Tools You Can Use

Microfiber wipes are reusable wipes you can use to clean your camera lens. You can also try individually wrapped lens cleaning wipes that are specifically designed for cleaning phone screens, glasses and lenses like your iPhone camera lens. A lens pen, such as the one that comes with an SLR camera, is a great tool for cleaning smudges off your camera lens. While you don’t want to pour liquid directly on your camera, you can use our liquid screen protector that works effectively on your iPhone screen and camera lens to offer extra protection.

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Don’t Forget the Back Camera

Now that you’ve cleaned the front camera, don’t forget about cleaning the back camera either. When cleaning your back camera, use a soft and lint-free cloth like a lens cloth. Just don’t get any moisture into any openings on your iPhone. If your back camera still has any dirt or debris on it and you can’t seem to get under the lens, seek help from a professional at Apple or an authorized service provider. Stay away from cleaning products or compressed air.

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