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How about more love and less waste this Valentine's Day

How about more love and less waste this Valentine's Day

When it comes to Valentine's Day, I can't help but roll my eyes. I'm not not a romantic but the "holiday" has always seemed like a blatant money grab to me and void of any real sentiment.

One day to express love to someone special in our lives? What about the other 364 days?

But this isn't another scroogey post to clutter the internet, I promise. I just thought I'd give away one of my favourite date ideas if you are avoiding the traditional gift that's wrapped up all nice and fancy :) Less waste, more love, right?

Around The World - In One Night

Valentine's Date Idea - Zero Waste Eco-Friendly


  1. Use scrap paper and write down 5-10 of your favorite countries and put them in a bowl. Note: alternatively if you have a spare world map lying around and darts, you can go another route with this!
  2. Take turns drawing the countries from the bowl or throwing darts at a map of countries—you get 2 picks each for 4 in total.
    • Country Number 1 = Wine
    • Country Number 2 = Appetizer
    • Country Number 3 = Main Course
    • Country Number 4 = Dessert

This date is a great way to spend time together! The scavenger hunt begins with recipes and then shopping at the grocery store to cooking in the kitchen together to your favorite music (bonus points if you can make a playlist by artists from those chosen countries!) 

Imagine a glass of red wine from Spain, India-inspired samosas, Street-style pad Thai finished with a few scoops of Italian gelato! 

Welp, now I just made myself hungry. That'll teach me to blog on an empty stomach.

What are some of YOUR favourite date ideas that emphasizes time spent together rather than exchanging more stuff and things? Let us know on our Facebook page in the comment section :)  


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