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made from plants phone cases

Fall Phone Case: 5 Designs Perfect for the Season

made from plants phone cases

What you carry in your bag doesn’t have to stop at functional — it can also look good. The changing season is perfect for finding a new design for your phone case. A variety of warm fall hues to create a fresh look is exactly what you need for yourself or as a gift for a friend. If you’re considering getting a phone case for fall, here are some designs that are perfect for the season.

1. Fall Leaves

Nothing signifies fall more than gorgeous autumn leaves. You can choose fall leaves that cover the entire surface of the phone case from top to bottom, or you can select a design with just one symbolic leaf. Other alternatives are leaves sprinkled on the surface in a random arrangement.

2. Warm Orange and Brown Hues

Not everyone loves leaves and flowers. However, a combination of orange and brown hues can go well with any bag or autumn-inspired manicure. It can blend in and look both sophisticated and stylish. When you choose an iPhone case or an Android phone case, you can find slim, sustainable options from Pela that look and feel stylish.

phone cases autumn leaves

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3. Solid Fall Colors

If you’re unsure what type of fall phone case to get as a gift, you can play it safe and get a solid color. Think of different shades of brown, red, orange and yellow; it is an excellent idea if your friend loves these colors and can match the phone case with their outfits. A solid-colored phone case in one of the many beautiful fall colors effortlessly combines elegance and simplicity. Alternatively, a brightly colored phone case can add a welcome pop of color to a neutral wardrobe.

honey bee edition phone case

4. Tree Silhouettes

If you want a phone case with artistic touches, bare tree silhouettes are worth considering. Trees without their leaves have much visual character, and tree silhouettes on a phone case can look stunning. Whether you prefer the spooky look or an artful style, you’ll find both when searching for tree silhouettes as a design option. Trees with falling leaves or bending branches highlighted against a warm sunset are the other options.

organic abstract art phone case

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5. Fall Landscape

If you love photography or want to gift a phone case to a photography lover, a fall landscape design is an excellent choice. Whether it’s a photo or a painting inspired by fall, choose a design that captures myriad colors. A perfect sunset in autumn or fall colors by a lake can be visually stimulating choices.

landscapes phone cases in hands

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Remember that everyone’s phone needs protection from damage, so a phone case can sometimes be a necessary gift. At Pela Cases, we provide sustainable iPhone cases made of compostable Flaxstic material. You’ll get flexible protection without the weight and bulk of larger cases.