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5 Businesses with Sustainability at their Core

5 Businesses with Sustainability at their Core

Recently, we've been talking about the perfect storm. The time when all of the pieces of the puzzle are coming together to reach the tipping point. 

The tipping point is when a whole bunch of small changes become significant enough to create huge, meaningful change. I really think we can see the evidence of us approaching the tipping point. 

5 businesses with sustainability at their core pelacase.com

The spotlight on plastic pollution has been HUGE this year, and it's grown in such a small amount of time. 

In order to reach this tipping point, we need everyone working together individuals, groups, businesses, and then policy. 

So far, we've covered individuals. Now's the time that I'd like to shine a light on businesses that are working towards making the world a better place. Companies that have sustainability at the core of their message. 

The fact is that we need businesses, but big business can be responsible for a lot of pollution! We have to find companies that not only seek to minimize impact on the planet, but that instead try to have a positive regenerative impact. 

1. Pela

Of course, we're first on this list! We aren't just environmentalists, we're conservationists. We have dreams way, way bigger than phone cases too. This is just where we're starting. 

Our product is made out of waste products. We're closed loop, and we're compostable. Plus we donate to 1% of the Planet, and we partner with charitable organizations trying to save the seas

We're not in it to minimize impact. We're in it to make a positive impact.

2. Patagonia

We love what Patagonia has created. Sustainability and durability are at the core of their message. They encourage people to buy less, repair their belongings, and they have lifetime warranty on their goods. 

Plus, if you ever tire of your Patagonia wear you can trade it in! They have a resale shop on their site where you can pick up pre-loved Patagonia goods.

They're incredibly transparent with their supply chain, and they support grassroots activist working to defend our environment. 

3. Lush

Lush was one of the first major companies to question the ingredients in their products, and to offer their products without packaging. 

60% of their products in store come naked! You can put them straight into your own bag if you want to keep the whole process zero waste. 

They don't test on animals, and don't buy supplies from people who do. 

5 businesses with sustainability at their core pelacase.com

4. Lyft

Lyft is the first ride share app to be completely carbon neutral. 

Every time you choose to ride with Lyft, they're purchasing carbon offsets to compensate for your travel. You also have the option to grab a shared ride. 

This way you can carpool with more people to reduce cost and emissions! 

5. Brush with Bamboo

The family behind Brush with Bamboo is absolutely amazing. They have a full permaculture farm in addition to BWB. 

They were the first bamboo toothbrush company, as they were really searching for simple solutions to everyday plastic items.