Situated right in Pela’s own backyard, a cause very close to our hearts. 

British Columbia, home to 60 million hectares of temperate rainforest, these old growth forests are astonishingly rare, and unless action is taken, they are about to become extinct.

After spending time on the ground at these logging sites, we have partnered with Protect our Winters to support policy change done through bold lobbying efforts with elected officials in British Columbia.

4 Ways to Act

  1. Protect Your Phone and the Planet™

    with our Tree’s case collection, designed to honor and support BC’s old growth forest. 5% of all sales go towards the lobbying of policy change.

  2. Send a letter to elected officials

    through Protect our Winters lobbying policy change.

  3. Support an eco-forestry model

    If you are a forestry worker apply pressure on your union or company to transition to an eco-forestry model and to stop exploring raw logs, ensuring long term employment opportunities.

  4. Educate yourself on the cause

    and start a conversation on how you can help.  Read and learn more about the ancient forests of Fairy Creek here.