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Vision + Values

Pela™ Global

At Pela, we want to leave our global campsite a little better than we found it. To help make this happen, we WorldMap-logocreate sustainable, eco-friendly alternatives to conventional plastic products. We believe that sustainable products can become the new standard and when they do, we will all be a little better off.

We want to help start a global shift away from traditional plastic. Will you join us on our mission?

The map below shows countries that are members of the Pela™ community. We look forward to seeing the Pela™ community grow, as we take a step towards sustainability.

About Pela™

One of our goals is to reduce the harmful effects traditional plastic has on the environment. We will do this by providing environmentally friendly options for consumer products typically made with Pela-Case-Smartphone-Made-In-Canadatraditional plastic. A portion of the proceeds from Pela Case sales go toward the research and development of other innovative environmentally friendly plastic products.  It is simple really, the more innovative products we sell, the more innovative products we develop.


We will also continue to seek consumer’s input on the development of other environmentally friendly plastic products because it is your world too, so why shouldn’t you have a say? To share your input, please fill out our customer survey or contact us.

We hope that the Pela Case will help show other companies that consumers do care about the environment and that products can be made in an environmentally responsible and sustainable way within North America.

Pela™’s parent company, Open Mind Developments is based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, where both Flaxstic™ and the Pela Case are developed and manufactured. Pela™ team members are located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and Vancouver, British Columbia.