PELA case is finally here.

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Rethink Plastic

The PELA case is made with plants instead of oil, so you can protect your smart phone with an eco-smart case.  The PELA case decreases our dependance on non renewable resources, it does not contain bio-accumulative toxic chemicals and it is compostable in industrial composting facilities.

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Sustainable Solutions

The PELA case was developed by Open Mind Developments Corporation in order to turn a conventional plastic product into an environmentally friendly plastic product that is manufactured in North America in an environmentally and socially sustainable manner.  We provide local farmers a new market for their ‘waste’ crop straw and create local manufacturing and processing jobs by providing customers with an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional plastic iPhone4 cases.  Our mission is to replace conventional plastic with environmentally friendly plastic, one product at a time.


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The Making Of PELA

We worked with local universities, farmers and processors to develop our revolutionary and proprietary environmentally friendly and sustainable formula.  The PELA case is manufactured in an environmentally sustainable manner and comprised of annually renewable non food source plants and flax straw fibre ‘waste’.  The natural fibres you see in the PELA case provide it with added strength and its own unique style.  It doesn’t look like conventional plastic because it isn’t conventional plastic, and that’s the point.  

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