Our Sustainability Strategy

We Offset

Carbon Offsets

Pela is offsetting last year's entire footprint by purchasing carbon credits and is Climate Neutral. 1 credit negates 1 ton of carbon.

Carbon Footprint

Our overall 2019 carbon footprint was measured by taking into account our direct and indirect emissions associated with the production of Pela products.
We Compare

We use less than conventional plastic:


less carbon emissions


less water usage


less waste production
We Take Responsibility

Business can be a force for good.

When companies and consumers take responsibility for their products and their Carbon Footprint the planet will be in a much better place.

Responsibility Economy

We believe in better

2020 Reduction Plan

Streamline transportation routes by adding distribution centres in Canada and Europe.
Continue to promote the Pela 360 Program globally to decrease product end-of-life waste.
Help manufacturing facilities shift to renewable power sources and/or improve the efficiency of their operations.