The Eco-Friendly iPhone Case Bonus Discount

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[Cannot be purchased without the purchase of a minimum 1 Pela Case —order will be voided if no other Pela Case was purchased at regular price]
Pela's iPhone case is made with a unique blend of BPA-free, plant-based biopolymers mixed with annually renewable flax shive that we call Flaxstic. We guarantee our cases will only breakdown in a composting environment.

  • Smooth, Flexible, Streamlined Design - Protects your phone without adding bulk
  • Cradle-to-Cradle Approach - Since your case is made of plant and biobased materials, you can compost your case when you no longer need it.
  • Happiness Guarantee - Hassle-free refunds or exchanges if you're not 100% happy with your purchase.
  • Minimal Packaging - Our cases come in a 100% recycled envelope with no packaging to align with our mission to reduce unnecessary waste.