Special Edition - "Believe in Better" Custom Engraved Cases for iPhone 6 / 6s and iPhone 7

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Fits iPhone 6/6s & iPhone 7

Our mantra from the very beginning has always been "Believe in Better." 

Update: We are currently sold out of this engraving in white. Please email sunta@pelacase.com if you'd like to be put on a waitlist for this case in white.

Using these words to guide us, we continuously ask ourselves what small actions or decisions can we do today that will add up to make a big impact. This includes minimizing our paper packaging, designing cases that can be used for more than one generation of phones or our Pay it Forward referral program.

This "Believe in Better" engraved iPhone case is for anyone who wants to help spread the message that we can all do little things to make the world better bit by bit. 

Part of our Aspiration Collection: Believe In Better | Lead The Way | Be The Change

What engraving best represents you?

Please note: it was really hard to capture the engravings on the darker colours (Black & Green) but they look great in real life, we swear! Check out our Instagram for videos :) 

Designed by Barry O'Sullivan

Limited number available in White, Black & Green—our best-selling colours.