Let's talk about how we can fix the dirty, wasteful truth about Smartphone Screen Protectors

More than 1 Billion glass and plastic screen protectors are bought (and thrown away) every year.

  1. Every single screen protector comes wrapped in plastic packaging.
  2. To make one small piece of glass, manufacturers waste up to 2x the material making it.
  3. Each screen protector made ONLY fits one phone size, meaning the entire industry is over producing because they don't know what phones will be the best sellers.

Want to see what all this phone accessory waste looks like?

This image shows you what JUST 60,000 plastic phone cases and screen protectors looks like. It fills 1 commercial waste bin. This is from ONE retail store as they turn over their inventory for the new release of phones...every year!

How is this ok!?!?!

We get it, phone cases and screen protectors are hardly the biggest plastic problem on the planet.

Even so, there's really no need for us to be using plastic to make phone cases and screen protectors. It's a material that lasts hundreds of years and only gets used for 1-3 years max before someone gets a new phone and the cycle starts all over again.

You already know that Pela Case is the world's first 100% compostable phone case.

We even have the data and testing to back this up. The image on your left shows 5 Pela Cases almost fully composted after JUST 3 weeks in a commercial composter.

That brown stuff in the other hand? Regular cardboard. It doesn't even decompose as fast as our phone cases do!

But did you also know Pela makes the world's first ZERO WASTE screen protector?

It comes in a glass vial that’s corked instead of excessive plastic packaging. (You can re-use the vial for all sorts of things). The liquid hardens on any phone screen and increases its strength by 10x!!

It protects your device against scratches, shattering and impacts. No more awkward sizing and fitting issues while putting your screen protector on your phone.

Just one vial of Canopy will give you enough liquid to protect 3 phones. It even protects the glass on the back of your phone.

Canopy is just one more way that Pela is using innovative new materials to lead the world to a waste free future.

Buy any Pela Case + Canopy Screen Protector and we provide you with a screen repair guarantee!

We've raised more than $394,000 for our 1% for the Planet Partners like Save the Waves Coalition.

The Pela community is growing and we'd love to have you as part of the #PelaFam.