Pela Product Cycle

We are continuously working to make Pela products even more sustainable, to conserve resources and energy that went into the original product. The Pela Product Cycle is closed-loop business model that moves us closer to achieving zero waste by completely reusing or composting Pela products. Think Cradle to Cradle product life, times 2 or 3 over. We use the material from the first generation Pela product to create second and third generation Pela products, which are ultimately composted. So your Pela iPhone case becomes Pela Flip Flips, which become a Pela Yoga Mat, which becomes compost to grow more plants and create more Pela Products. Pretty cool, eh? 


How can you help?

Step 1

All done with your Pela Product? Drop it off at a participating Pela Product Cycle retail partner. You will get a 10% discount on your next Pela Product and we get to give your old Pela Product another life and turn it into a new Pela product.

Step 2

Repeat, enjoy and feel good about the choice you made to help support the global shift toward more sustainable solutions.

How can retailers help?

If you are a retailer who is looking to provide a new sustainable product option to your customers, and be a leader in showcasing a new closed loop business model to the world, please contact us for additional information.


We are currently in the process of signing up Pela Product Cycle retail partners around the globe.  Please click here to find a participating Pela Cycle Retail Partner in your neighbourhood, or send us a note if you know a retailer in your neighbourhood who might want to be part of the shift toward sustainability and the Pela Product Cycle. If your referral leads to a new Pela Product Cycle retail partner, you get a new Pela Case for free. We will also feature all new Pela Product Cycle retail partners on our website.